Thursday, May 19, 2016

Crazy Life!!!

For those who are unware...
My Life has been CRAZY!
I have a few things going on... my middle child is graduating and I am such a proud momma!
She has 2 honors programs, a senior Tea and other events before her Graduation on the 26th.
To top off her hectic schedule she is having to do clinicals for her college courses that she has already been taking and I am her chauffeur for them. 

Not to feel left out.. my youngest is facing surgery and has had multiple appointments..  
seriously though she has been in pain and sick for over a month and we are looking to get it
resolved as quickly as possible.

Last but not least is me... *sighs*  what can I say?!?  I guess my body was feeling left out
and has decided to do something about it!!   I have multiple appointments over the next few weeks
and at least 2 surgeries coming up.
this means my blog has been neglected.. and may be even more so for a few weeks.

IN THE MEAN TIME!!!  I have a FEW new items out! WOOT!! :) 

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